Steph, 18, NJ.
Black belt and guardie.
First year college student who adores cats, food, and the beach.
She said "I'll throw myself away"
"they're just photos after all"
"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you will ever have."― Eckhart Tolle (via psych-quotes)

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banana bread chocolate fudge swirled cheesecake jars.

I know I broke your heart, but now your life is so much better without me. I never hated you and just want you to be happy. I’m glad we stayed friends.

But you hardly even talk to me anymore, and I feel like I’m fading. I feel like I don’t matter to you anymore. Even after all we’ve been through…

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It’s funny when your ex calls you the prettiest girl he’s ever seen

and then when you’re broken up you’re suddenly ugly and subpar


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black girls r so pretty

aww thx

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